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Welcome to Bassett Elementary Library!

Welcome to the library! Our library’s mission is to promote literacy and the enjoyment of reading. An excellent library media center positively impacts student achievement, fosters reading, supports information literacy, and nurtures lifelong learning.


Library Hours.

Our library doors are open from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm.

Find a Book

From the catalog you can-

  •        Search for books in Bassett Elementary    
  •        Find out if the book is available to check out.
How to use a Shelf Marker?

Student Educational Resources for Research and Online Learning

The students have access to digital library websites. This collection provides a list of free educational resources for K-12 Students, Parents, Teachers, and Staff.  The list features free web resources in academic subjects such as literature, history, and computing.  

What is a Book Report?

What is Research?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.            How to select a book to read?

We have fiction, nonfiction and reference books for research and projects. Fiction represents something which is not true, it is unreal, whereas nonfiction indicates a factual account. Before selecting a book to check out, look at the title and the cover, look at print size for ease-of-reading. Listen to friends, teachers, parents, and librarian’s suggestions.

  1.          The book has been lost/damaged! What do I do?

           First, ensure the book is truly lost.

  •            Check classroom/ classroom libraries, lost and found etc.
  •            Contact the librarian and find out the replacement cost of the lost or damaged book.
  •            Pay the replacement cost to the library.

            All library funds from the lost or damaged books will go back to the Bassett Library and will be used to not only replace the materials but purchase more!

  1.           How can I or my child become a better reader?
  •           Read yourself! Show your child that reading is important to you.
  •           Read with your child! It doesn’t matter how old your child is. Reading together helps to build a strong emotional bond, expand vocabularies, expose children to variety of genres, and creates a passion for reading.
  •           Ask questions! Ask the kids what they are learning from the book, who are the main characters and what happened at the beginning of the story and what happened at the end of story etc.
  • Wish you all a great school year!
  • Thank you,
  • Bassett Elementary Library.


  • Memorial Day,Mother's Day, Cinco de mayo,Mental health awareness month,Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage month and much more in May 2024.




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